Crous Corporate Management SystemCronus Corporate Management System

Cronus facilitates user-friendly, cost-effective construction, maintenance and reporting of feature-rich, corporate
management databases.

Cronus is built around relational databases, and even constructs them implicitly for you, but it does not require you to know anything about indexes, joins, SQL, forms or writing complex queries for the myriad ways that you need to extract your information. Cronus allows you to focus on entering, maintaining, publishing and reporting your information. You need to have only a basic understanding of the structure of your information in order to utilise even
its most powerful features.

Cronus is powered by plexus2 and Microsoft SQL Server.


Applications of Cronus include:

  • Document and form management
  • Customer relationship management - including profiles, client service histories and document lists
  • Asset registers
  • Price lists
  • Product cataloguesCronus Corporate Management System
  • Reference libraries
  • Procedure libraries
  • Photo galleries

Key Features

  • Custom-designed and built to suit your corporate theme and the way you work
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible via standard web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer recommended)
  • Provides fast, secure access to your information
  • Generates forms automatically to suit latest published database structure
  • View and report your information different ways
  • Prepares custom documents using information from your database
  • Self-documenting with integrated online help
  • Grows with you

Contact Management

  • Contact Management through Cronus Corporate Management SystemAccepts, and provides facilities for maintaining, names and contact details for people with whom you
  • Add custom fields as required.
  • Create groups to classify your contacts according to, for example, their areas of interest, or relationships with
    your company. Create as many groups, and assign each contact to as many of these groups, as your
    requirements demand.
  • Create security groups to restrict the information that your contacts can access and the type of access
    (add/view/update/delete, or combinations thereof) that is to be provided. Create as many security groups,
    and assign each contact to as many of these security groups, as your requirements demand.
  • Send text or HTML as e-mail messages to individual contacts, groups of contacts, or your entire list of
  • Control whether individual contacts receive broadcast e-mail messages from you.
  • "Unsubscribe" facilities integrated into your messages allow your contacts to opt out of receiving future email
    communications from you.

Content Types within CronusContent Types

  • Construct containers ("content types") for items of information that have a common structure.
  • Accepts name, description, and default search results template for each content type.
  • Add, view, update, publish and delete content types and fields as required.
  • Accepts label, type, description, whether required, sort priority, sort order, and other type-specific parameters, for each field.
  • Extensive selection of field types to suit common requirements.
  • Integrated support for self-referencing hierarchies.
  • Create as many content types as you need.
  • Direct access to all content in each content type, subject to security restrictions.
  • Add, view, update and delete content as required, subject to security restrictions.
  • Export instances in comma-separated values (CSV) or Extensible Markup Language (XML) formats for use in third-party software or databases.
  • Search for content that matches specified text.

Views and Reports within CronusViews and Reports

  • Define new ways of accessing and reporting your information to accommodate different requirements.
  • Tree or grid presentation.
  • Create groups by dragging and dropping fields from your content types to make it easier to locate the information that you need.
  • Linked tabs provide efficient access to instances of related content types.
  • Generate reports from any view.
  • Accepts name, description, template, layout type, horizontal margins, number of columns, column spacing, and group indent margin for each report.
  • Prepare custom documents in using information selected from your database. (Requires Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, which must be purchased separately.)


Reports Cronus custom report


  • Find entries in the database that match your criteria.
  • Search (i) all fields of all content types, (ii) all fields of a specific content type, or (iii) selected fields of a specific content type.
  • Automatically display selected search result in most appropriate view.


  • Automate common tasks using sequences of context-sensitive, predefined actions.
  • Inline or tabbed presentation.
  • Expanding library of actions.
  • Trigger automatically as required in response to changes to any site object, including addition of new instances, viewing of an instance, updates to an instance, and/or deletion of an instance.

Web Services

  • Access your information from third-party software using XML Web Services.

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